Nov 19 2020

The landscape of news consumption has changed drastically across generations. One thing that has not changed is the prevalence of echo chambers. Texas-based right wing comedian Chad Prather has created one of his own with his media empire.   


Prather is just as much a retrograde far-right demagogue as well as he is a savvy communicator who understands how social media and the Web can bring instant credibility to a shockingly wide variety of unconventional voices that old-fashioned media may have once ignored—from teenagers like Claudia Conway to an ocean off fringe thinkers on the social-media app Parler to Prather himself. As an influencer of sorts, Prather is exemplary of the dangerous echo chambers of misinformation and confirmation bias that gained traction under our soon to be former president. READ MORE


Oct 19 2020

After months of media attention surrounding Hasidic resistance to social distancing guidelines, Brooklyn’s Hasidim fell under state-mandated lockdown orders that have sparked physical confrontations. Earlier this month, demonstrators in Borough Park shouted “Jewish Lives Matter” at a bonfire kindled with masks; the next night, a mob assaulted and spit on journalist Jacob Kornbluh, beating him to unconsciousness. The violence marks a turning point in long-building tensions between the Hasidim and the rest of the city, which have drastically escalated in intensity over the last few months. READ MORE